In brief

  • 20,000 business members from all sectors of the local economy
  • 60.000 trainee-hours per year
  • 120 different educational programs
  • 18 highly educated personnel (Ph.D., MSc., MBA)
  • 500 contractors teaching staff
  • 10 fully equipped 25-seat training rooms
  • 68 years of experience in VET
  • 6 Certifications in computer skills, Languages, Welding, Transportation, food handling, work safety
  • EVS Certified Member
  • Experienced provider in soft skills training and development

Who we are

Heraklion Chamber is one of the largest Chambers of commerce in Greece (one of top five), accounting for more than 20,000 members from all sectors of the local economy. Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber (TIHC) is an autonomous, non-for-profit institution, established in 1950 as a daughter company of Heraklion Chamber with a Decree from Greek National Economy of Ministry in 1950.

What we offer

THIC may serve as an excellent partner on dissemination activities in EU projects, including congress or conference organization on the island of Crete, dynamic website development. It can also serve as a partner on Vocational Education and Training delivery in a variety of topics ranging from soft skills development to train the trainers adult learning.


As TIHC Works in close collaboration with Heraklion Chamber it also may serve as the ideal partner on business motivation and development in a variety of topics like tourism, food, entrepreneurial skill development and small business cluster development.
The Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber works in close cooperation with the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, the University of Crete, and The Science and Technology Park of Crete. TIHC has direct access via the Heraklion Chamber in a series of European Networks that supports SMEs with the most important being: The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Insuleur - Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the E.U., Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Development.


TIHC employs 18 highly educated personnel (Ph.D., MSc., MBA) while it is partnering with over 500 contracting teaching staff.


TIHC owns 10 recently renovated fully equipped (Wi-fi, overhead projectors, distant learning systems, sound proof) 25-seat training rooms, including 70 computers for trainees and fully equipped metal welding lab, food and beverage lab and electronics lab.

What we do

TIHC implements innovative adult-learning fully participative training models and is certified on computer skills, metal welding, English speaking, transportation, and food handling. Several actions on adult consulting have been also delivered during the last three years that gave TIHC a vast experience on entrepreneurial needs and horizontal skills development. THIC operates in a national level on the sectors of: Informatics, Tourism & Services, Economy & Business Administration, Transportation & Technical Professions, mechanics and electronics and its activity accounts for more than 60.000 trainee-hours per year in more than 120 different educational programs. TIHC is an examination center for the IELTS certification exams and an examination center for the Open University of Cyprus.

Selected EU Projects

2003–2005 ENLARGE – SEMES SEMES - South Eastern Mediterranean Employment and Social Events
2003–2005 SPIN-CRETE Innovation Actions ERDF 2000-2006 Crete Innovation Region “CRINNO”
2004–2006 LEONARDO DA VINCI “Electronic Authentication in E-learning”
2004–2007 LEONARDO DA VINCI “FORSIMPAD” (Formalisation des savoirs implicites par une approche de la didactique professionnelle)
2006–2008 Regional Innovation Poles in Greece Regional Innovation Pole of Crete
2008–2009 LEONARDO DA VINCI “ENTER” (Entrepreneurship Enhancement and Reinforcement)
2012–2013 CIP-EIP Specific Action "Services for SMEs in the field of environment through the Enterprise Europe Network" of the European Commission Wizard of the Environment- The Entreprise Europe Network
2016–2018 ERASMUS+ KA3 “WELCOME”,


Contact Details

Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber (TIHC)
Koronaiou 9, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 71202
T: +302810 302 730
F: +302810 227 189


Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber (TIHC) was established with a decision of the Ministry of National Economy in 1950. This decision concerns the operation of a professional training centre with a regional dimension. In 2001 TIHC was certified as a peripheral Vocational Training Centre for the Region of Crete in the following sectors:

  • Informatics,
  • Tourism & Services sector,
  • Economy & Business Administration and
  • Transportation & Technical Professions.

Since 2000 the Technical Institute of Chamber of Commerce has implemented many professional training programs for unemployed, employers, employees and entrepreneurs. The close cooperation between the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Technical Institute has guided to a dynamic and long run involvement of both organizations in a series of European Networks that support SMEs with the most important being:

  • The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN),
  • Insuleur – Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the E.U.,
  • Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Development.
  • The Technical Institute is mainly characterized by the following:
  • 85 % Degrees from the National Certification Procedure
  • It is among the 20 First Vocational Training Institutes
  • Highly Educated Personnel (Ph.D,MSc.,MBA)
  • 2 Classes Computer Rooms 5 Classes for Training Courses
  • Full Capacity and Operation
  • New Training & Human Based Educational Models Offers
  • Certification on computer skills Strategic co-operations in the training field
  • TIHC counts more than 300.000 hours of training in human recourses until today!
  • Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber.pdf

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