Participation in National Training Projects

  • Labour Ministry: Training Programs for employed and unemployed (men-women)
  • Public Organization of Employment of the Labor Force (OAED): Training programs for self-occupied and young entrepreneurs
  • Region of Crete (DISA): Training programs for employees in Small & Medium Enterprises.
  • Hellenic Organization of Small Medium Sized Enterprises and Handicrafts (EOMMEX): Training programs for entrepreneurs and employed

Participation in Regional Development Project

Regional Innovation Pole of Crete: Union of organizations of the private and broader public sector which aims at the reinforcement of the technological and innovative performances of the Region of Crete and the augmentation of the competitiveness of the regional economy through the implementation of various innovative actions of horizontal and vertical orientation.

Spin-Crete: Regional Innovative Program for the development of an Innovation – related Venture Capital Fund in Crete to fund innovative business start - ups

Participation in European Projects

Enlargement, PRESEM Project: The PRESEM Project recognises the need of modernising economies, bridging gaps and anticipating opportunities (and threats) that enlargement potentially involves and aims at closing the gaps amongst economic entities of border regions of Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. More specifically, the project aims to address identified needs and enhance the dissemination of critical information to local SMEs which are critical for their future prosperity in the light of EC enlargement.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Pilot 1:EVEC A web based European Virtual Enterprise Centre [EVEC] for use by vocational students from disadvantaged communities to instil an enterprise culture will is designed, developed and realised by this project. The partners worked in theme groups to form a coherent set of interactive enterprise learning objects to assist people undertaking vocational programmes to consider creating their own micro-businesses. The major aim of the project is to help in the regeneration of the economy in poorer regions of the E.C.

Leonardo Da Vinci: FORSIMPAD The aim of this project was to formalize a methodology and elaborate several tools in order: to develop the collectives depositories of knowledge often not recognized within a company to facilitate the transmission of this knowledge to support the mutual exchanges, to allow the transfer of the knowledge in new situations The project also responded to 3 major concerns: the ageing of the population, the difficult transmission of the professional knowledge and its transfer to the companies Leonardo Da Vinci: Electronic Authentication of e-Learning The project addressed the needs for: on-line learning providers to have a secure and robust system for learner identification. on-line learners to have access to a consistent and effective methodology for the assessment of on-line vocational learning. The specific aims of the project were: Construct a European Standard for on-line learner identification Construct a European Standard for linking on-line learner identification to continuous learner assessments Contribute towards developing a European Standard for the use of electronic portfolios).

Leonardo Da Vinci: ENTER Project The aim of this project was to provide an innovative training model that encourages people who hold a business idea to adopt an entrepreneurship attitude in every day life by strengthening their entrepreneurial skills This aim was reached by the definition and implementation of a common model of training and mentoring that integrated Training Centers, Science and Technology parks, Enterprises Associations and others, in a transnational and intercultural context. Additionally to training and mentoring, incubation in the project partners facilities (Science & Technology Parks) of the best business plans resulting from the training course were provided.

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